Defy All Odds


In the words of a beautiful friend and even better person.

“I realized something this week. In between trying to understand my online Google Analytics course and attempting to start and finish my literature review in under 24 hours, something hit me. While I am in college, and my goal is to graduate with amazing grades and a boss portfolio; my transcript and resume are not what this experience is all about.

Life shouldn’t be cluttered with deadlines, fast food, lame parties, facebook, flaky friends, long lines, or any other bullsh*t. 

Life should be about sporadic dance parties, catching snowflakes with your tongue, staying up until 5 am playing music with strangers and friends alike, passing around whiskey at the campfire, playing dress-up, making a mess, exploring new places, leaving your comfort zone, learning new languages (especially the slang!), falling in love with your best friend, jumping off cliffs, talking on subways, singing on stage, dancing on tables, falling, and getting right back up again. Life should be LIVED.”

Sarah Ramsey    Fearless


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